Skrill and Online Poker

When it comes to choosing a method of banking that’s beneficial to both you and your online poker site, there are few better options that Skrill. Skrill is an online bank account that allows funds to be deposited and withdrawn to and from your favoured Poker website. More commonly known as an e-wallet, Skrill continues to be one of the most popular forms of online banking for both new and seasoned players.

While many online poker sites offer Skrill as a form of banking, finding the site that appeals to your lifestyle can be done conveniently at Here, we offer players the chance to compare different online websites and games, as well as gather the necessary information needed in order to take part in the exciting world of online poker.

Over 21 million people use Skrill across the world, and this is partly because the service is easy to learn and use. Creating an account with Skrill is the first step to transferring funds online securely, and simply requires players to fill in a registration form, which is free and only takes a few minutes. With an account created, players will only need to prove their Skrill email address to whichever online poker site they use. No personal or financial information needs to be given out, ensuring your details are private and secure.

Once connected to your online poker site account, Skrill gives players the freedom to move their money around quickly and safely.

One of the greatest benefits to using Skrill with your online poker website is the extremely low transaction charges. While many conventional forms of online banking come with harsh fees and charges, Skrill boasts fees so low they can be overlooked completely in some cases. Certain online sites even provide poker bonuses to those who make use of Skrill.

Additionally, Skrill provides a level of efficiency that surpasses many conventional banking options. Deposits made using Skrill are instant, while withdrawals can take up to three business days at most. This is in contrast to other banking forms such as direct bank wires or debit cards, which can take up to a full week to complete withdrawal transactions.

TOP Skrill poker roomsApril 2024
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1 IE allowed5/5200% Bonus Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Bonus Play now

Casino Skrill Security in New Zealand

Skrill also offers a debit card, allowing players within certain regions to withdraw money directly from their Skrill account via an ATM, meaning your funds are available to you whether you’re working online or on the street.

Using Skrill means players will only need to provide their financial and personal details once when setting up a new account, and never again. With a Skrill email address that’s linked to the player’s account, no private information will ever need to be handed out. Besides this, Skrill uses state of the art security measures, such as firewalls and security algorithms to ensure that every account is locked away safely.

What Skrill Offers

If you are looking for an online banking method that’s convenient, fast, secure, and easy to use, then Skrill is the right choice for you.